“Stunningly comprehensive. A long-overdue look at the way in which B-schools are educating business professionals, and a compelling call to action to rethink how institutions are training tomorrow’s leaders. Executives will find their recommendations to be relevant, practical, and refreshing.”
Gail McGovern, President and CEO, American Red Cross

“Rethinking the MBA is easily the best and most interesting account yet written of the current critique of business education and leading business schools’ efforts to respond. This book should provide valuable reading not only for management professors and corporate executives but for educators in other professional schools as well.”
Derek Bok, professor and former President, Harvard University

“One of the most important books on business education in many years, Rethinking the MBA is deeply thoughtful and compelling, and a rich source of constructive ideas that will reshape business education. Any business leader who cares about the development of our future leaders needs to read this book.”
Daniel Vasella, MD, Chairman and CEO, Novartis AG

“Based on in-depth interviews with business school deans who train MBAs—and business executives who employ them—as well as an impressive amount of hard data, Rethinking the MBA is a thoughtful and important book. It is must reading for anyone concerned with the future of business education.”
Richard Schmalensee, Dean Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management

“This book will become the bible for transforming management education and leadership development. Incisive in its criticism, at once rigorously analytical and stirringly aspirational, the authors take you from an opening chorus of warning to a closing crescendo of cutting-edge practices.”
Scott Cook, Chairman of the Executive Committee and Founder, Intuit Inc.

“Rethinking the MBA provides a comprehensive, quantitative reality check on the current state of business education. It calls for a much-needed rebalancing of the curriculum from a focus primarily on analytic skills to creative skills. A must-read for business educators and business students alike.”
Elizabeth Bailey, professor, The Wharton School; former Dean, Carnegie Mellon Business School

“Rethinking the MBA provides both the empirical foundation and the conceptual insight necessary for understanding contemporary business education. Its pragmatic and concrete analyses and recommendations make this book exceptionally useful for anyone thinking about graduate business education.”
Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

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