Table of Contents


  1. Introduction: A Degree in Transition

  2. Part One: The State of MBA Education

  3. The Changing MBA Marketplace
  4. A Close Look at the Curriculum
  5. A Rising Chorus of Concerns
  6. Meeting the Challenges of Globalization, Leadership and Integration
  7. Innovations in Pedagogy and Course Design

  8. Part Two: Institutional Responses

  9. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business: Flexibility and the Discipline-Based Approach
  10. INSEAD: The Credo of Globalization
  11. The Center for Creative Leadership: Leadership Development at the Core
  12. Harvard Business School: General Management and the Focus on Practice
  13. Yale School of Management: Integration and Large-Scale Change
  14. Stanford Graduate School of Business: Customization and Large-Scale Change
  15. Business Schools at a Crossroads

  16. Notes


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